US Expatriate Foreign Pension Plans

I called the IRS today to inquire how to file my foreign pension plan.  After being transferred around a few times the first hour and a half, I finally got connected to one who made a referral and said that I’d be contacted in about 2 weeks with (hopefully) an answer to my question.   I then asked about private pension plans, but got disconnected after being on the phone for exactly 2 hours.  I’ll have to call again with that question.  Somewhere between the transfers, one agent figured that it is probably filed the same as a 401k.  I’ll try that if no one else has a better idea.  The direct number for international issues is: 267-941-1000

A 2 hour long distance international call to the IRS may cost around $12.9, depending upon locality and exchange rates.  This, I believe, is currently not tax deductible but is much less than it used to be.


3 thoughts on “US Expatriate Foreign Pension Plans

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