US Expatriate Foreign Pension Plans Continued…

The IRS called and left a message while I was at work.  The message stated that it was a one-time attempt to reach me and I was not given a number to return the call.  So, I called the IRS to see if I could return the call.  After holding for about 25 minutes, I spoke with an agent who began making a referral for my referral until I learned that referral responses are mailed out if the one call attempt fails, and that one can expect to receive the (e)mailed response up to 15 days from when the request was made.  The response might be mailed to a US address from which it will then have to be manually forwarded abroad, meaning that it might take up to a month for me to gain more information on how to file a foreign pension plan.  I could have provided the abroad address, but such would be a greater financial burden to the US taxpayer.  While waiting on the phone, I glanced through Publication 575 again, but still didn’t find an answer to my question that I can comprehend.

I suspect that the agent who called me is the same agent that I spoke with concerning an inquiry on how expats can invest into Roth accounts.  While the advice that I got from the agent about  Roth savings was outstanding, I hope that this expert is not the only agent who services 6+ million expats on their retirement savings questions.

A 32 minute long distance international call to the IRS may cost around $3.3, depending upon locality and exchange rates.  This, I believe, is currently not tax deductible but is much less than it used to be.


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