Letter to Ron Paul concerning country box on contact page

Honorable Congressman Ron Paul,

I’m a middle class American veteran living abroad. I’ve been working abroad since I lost my job and home in America many years ago.  Last week, I registered to vote and was informed that I cannot vote in local elections since my US address forwards my mail to where I live abroad. As such, I’m currently wondering if I have any political representation and I’m writing to you because I learned that I can actually write to you using the address where I live, unlike with most or all other politicians. While I understand that your web site states that you will not respond to Americans abroad if they enter the address where they live, I’m writing to you nonetheless with the hope that maybe you can add a country box to your contact page to make it more clear to Americans that they can contact you even if they don’t have a US address and even if you won’t reply. This would help to show that, even though you may not talk to Americans abroad, that you at least recognize that we do not live in America and may not have a US address. My mother was a loyal fan of yours before she passed away, I have a lot of respect for your political platform and I am tempted to vote for you even if you don’t want to be the next US president. I hope that your political message will become more welcomed by Americans abroad and that the oceans between us will become smaller in the future.

Kind regards,



I sent this to Ron Paul using my non-US address through his contact page, and received the following submission response:

Dear [SwissPinoy], Thank you for contacting Congressman Paul’s office using the Internet. Your message has been sent to the Congressman. Sincerely, The Office of US Representative Paul


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