Letter to the Swiss Commission Against Racism

Sehr geehrte Kommission gegen Rassismus

Ich bin Schweiz-US Doppelbürger wohnhaft in der Schweiz und wurde informiert das einige Banken sich weigern mein Schweizer Hypothek zu finanzieren, wegen drück die von Amerika ausgeübt wird. In Amerika ist es kriminell Hypotheken auf Grund Nationalität zu verweigern. Wie kann ich meine Familie davon am besten schützen?


Dear Commission against Racism,

I’m a Swiss-American dual citizen who lives in Switzerland and has been informed that several banks are refusing to refinance my Swiss mortgage due to US political pressure.  In America, it is a federal crime to deny a mortage on grounds of national origin.  How can I best protect my family from this?


2 thoughts on “Letter to the Swiss Commission Against Racism

  1. @Swisspinoy Is this the complete text of your letter to the racism commission, or was there more? I haven’t yet had a refusal personally, have been able to pass unnoticed (I believe that many people think that I am British or Canadian), but if I did I would send a letter to the comission and provide my legal analysis, incorporating Swiss federal anti-discrimination laws (261bis CPS), the UDHR, RS291, and the Constitution (especially the articles about non-discrimination, economic liberty, and the requirement of popular vote to change the Constitution… at the end, Art 141 or thereabouts).

    Also, how can I subscribe to your blog, I can’t seem to find any subscribe dialogue.

    • @Jefferson D. Tomas, that’s the complete letter. Up to this point, I’ve only inquired with banks but haven’t applied with anyone. With this letter, I simply wanted to know the official position on the topic, but I’m not allowed to post the response. I’ll prepare an explanation to the nature of my inquiry to dig further into the matter, when I get around to it. As for subscribing, I haven’t looked into that yet.

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