Letter to Congressman Vern Buchanon on H.R.6263

Dear Vern Buchanan,

On the 30th of July 30, 2012, I wrote to you that banks were refusing to refinance my Mortgage simply because I’m a US person living abroad.

As you must know, it is a federal crime to refuse to finance a mortgage based on national origin. In other words, it is illegal in America to deny an American a mortgage simply because they are an American citizen.

As mentioned in my previous letter, American citizens are being denied mortgages for being Americans as a result of US policy. It is thus my assumption that US policy, which causes the mortgages of US persons to be denied, is illegal under US law.

Being my representation in America, you must certainly be aware that Rep. Carolyn Maloney sponsored H.R.6263 to establish a commission to study how Federal laws and policies affect United States citizens living in foreign countries.

Please cosponsor and support this bill since it simply cannot be that American citizens are denied mortgages simply because they are US Persons.



PS. Please update your contact page so that Americans abroad can contact you using their home address.


Received a generic response not addressed to me, and with no mention of anything that I wrote, but that’s more than nothing.


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