Prevented from contributing $20.12 to Congressman Connie Mack

Honorable Connie Mack

A few days ago, I got an email from you asking for me to contribute $20.12 to your campaign to help you to defeat Senator Bill Nelson.  While I would love to donate $20.12 to help you to win the election, unfortunately I can neither donate to you nor Senator Bill Nelson since both contribution pages do not accept the addresses of Floridans living abroad.  Thus, I just wanted to let you know that I tried to contribute but was prevented from doing so.

Kind regards


PS.  You may remember that I wrote to you on the 4th of August since banks were refusing to refinance my mortage simply because I’m a US person, as a result of US policy.  I also addressed the matter to Bill Nelson twice, but neither you nor Bill Nelson responded.  While it is common knowledge that Americans abroad are unrepresented, it is good to know that you at least made the effort to request donations from those being denied banking services simply for being Florida residents.

No response


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