Opening an Account with Bank of American from Abroad

I called Bank of America to inquire why an American citizen living abroad cannot open an account using their resident address.  I was told that they require a US address for security purposes.  To me, this seems rather insecure, since it requires an American living overseas to come up with some address where they don’t live in order to open up an account.   Also, this means that an American citizen who was born abroad would be unable to open up a US bank account without flying to the US.   So, I asked if a passport could be used to verify one’s identity, but was told that a passport is only accepted when it is shown in person at the bank.  I then asked if Americans living abroad could show their passport at the US embassy to open up a US bank account and was told that banks do not yet work with embassies to verify the identities of US citizens.
I think that it would make sense for American citizens living abroad to be able to validate their identities with their local US representation so that they can open a US bank account using their resident address.


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