Failed attempt to donate to Obama’s campaign

Hi Obama and friends,

Yesterday, I wanted to contribute $1000 to help your campaign but couldn’t since I neither live in the 50 States nor Puerto Rico.  I then also learned that I cannot enter the contest to attend the Democratic National Convention even though I am a US citizen, simply because I live abroad.  Why is it that residents of Puerto Rico can enter the contest to attend the Democratic National Convention, while Americans abroad may not do the same even though they may vote in US elections?  Certainly this is a mistake, or is it?

Kind regards



Got an email with a link where Americans abroad can contribute using their foreign address (required for foreign credit cards), but no word if Americans abroad can participate in the sweepstakes.


Letter to Michelle Obama – Can’t Contribute to Campaign because of Address

Honorable Michelle Obama,

I got an email from you today asking for me to donate $3 for Barack and his campaign.  In fact, I’ve been getting many emails almost every day from various democrats asking for me to contribute $3.  While I would love to donate $3 or more, unfortunately I cannot do so since I am a US veteran living abroad and the donation page does not accept foreign addresses.  The problem is the same with all of my US representation and many expats as well as myself have addressed this matter many times in the past but nobody listened to us.  Hopefully this will get cleared up some day, but until then I am forced to apologize that I cannot contribute anything due to technical difficulties in the US.  Sorry, but I wish you all the best and hope that Barack Obama wins the election!



PS.  I was suprised to see that the White House accepts the addresses of Americans living abroad.  Hopefully the rest of the nation will follow such a fine example of excellent leadership to help make America a better nation!

No response

Can’t sign up for President Obama’s Dashboard

When entering the zip code and address on  President Obama’s Dashboard for where I live, I’m told:

We couldn’t find a team near this address. Please try with a different address, or try again later.

Guess the system wasn’t designed for Americans living abroad, so I don’t have to bother with it.  I clicked on the Dashboard support, but it returns an invalid certificate warning:

This Connection is Untrusted… uses an invalid security certificate.