Letter to representation Concerning The Veterans Jobs Corps Act (S. 3457)

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Concerning Sec. 7345. Revocation or Denial of Passport in Case of Tax Delinquencies, a recent GAO Study (GAO-11-272 Passport Issuance, March 2012) noted that the constitutional, policy and practical issues involved have not been carefully studied, and this must be done as a first step, before enactment of a measure which would have such extreme effects on U.S. citizens living overseas.

Received an automated response from Marco Rubio with another response promised.  No response to date.


Letter to Senator Bill Nelson on H.R. 6263

Honorable Bill Nelson,

The US Embassy in Bern advised me to contact you since American citizens are being denied mortgages by banks, as a direct result of US policy, simply because they are accused of being “US Persons”.

I was informed that you represent Florida residents who live abroad and thus I wrote to you on the 26th of July on this very serious matter, but received no response. Not a single word from my representation in the Senate.

It is a federal crime to deny an American in America a mortgage simply because they are accused of being a “US person”. As such, one would think that you would be very eager to explain why you voted to approve a policy which is now causing American citizens to be denied mortgages simply because they are “US persons”. Federal laws and policies tend to have a much different meaning beyond US borders.

Yet, actions speak louder than words. Become a cosponsor of H.R. 6263 to establish a commission to study how Federal laws and policies affect United States citizens living in foreign countries. Doing so would demonstrate to Americans that you recognize that it is absolutely horrible for Americans to be denied mortgages as a result of US policy, and such would mean far more than words which were never spoken to those one is said to represent.



PS. Please update your contact page so that Americans abroad can contact you using their home address.


No rsponse

Letter to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson

Honorable Bill Nelson,

I’m a US veteran and middle class American citizen living abroad. I moved abroad over 10 years ago to find work and earn my own money instead of collecting unemployment checks or economy stimulus handouts from the US government.

This week, I learned that some local banks are refusing to refinance my mortgage as a direct result of US policy that you voted in favor of. The justification made by some local banks for their action is that I am a US person who is taxed by the US government. In the United States, such justifications are known as Housing Discrimination, given that they discriminate against Americans because of their national origin. Since you voted to approve US policy which led to such discrimination against American citizens, I would like to know what measures you have taken to approach the negative consequences of your action. Which US banks are now required by US law to refinance my Mortgage, under local conditions where I live abroad, when denied such for being a US person? Which US banks are required to provided me with a local checking account where I live if I am denied such services for being a US person? I’m confident that you voted on issues concerning Americans abroad with a good understanding of the consequences such would have on them, and thus I am looking forward to hearing from you about the many steps you have taken to work around the negative impact your actions are causing American citizens living abroad.


So far, I’ve received no response.  No response means that the Senator is delighted to force Housing Discrimination upon American citizens and has taken no action to counter the negative consequences of such.