Letter to Vice President Joseph Biden

Dear Vice President Joseph Biden,

I’m an American veteran living abroad in Switzerland.  I’ve been doing my fair share of filing taxes and FBAR’s, but now the following banks are telling me that they will not refinance my mortgage simply because I’m a US person, as a result of US policy:

Raiffeisen, Bank Coop, AXA Bank, Migros Bank, NAB, Valiant Bank AG, SwissLife, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, Swissquote Bank, FinanzZentrum Jungfrau AG

I’ve contacted the VA Home Loans and HUD, but both informed me that they will not do anything for Americans living overseas.

Thus, please call these banks and explain to them that US policy now has changed in such a manner that they no longer have any reason to deny US persons mortgages due to US policy.  As you must know, it is a federal crime in the US to deny a person a mortgage based on their national origin and thus it is certainly unacceptable that American citizens are being denied mortgages as a result of US policy.

If you are unable to call the banks to inform them that US policy changed, then please explain to the American people why the US government is causing unnecessary harm to  Americans living abroad.




I got an email from Joe Biden through democrats.org, asking me to make a donation of $3 or more.