Letter to John F. Tierney concerning Foreign Pension Plan Filings

Dear Congressman John F. Tierney,

I’m a member of the American working middle class writing to you again concerning your so-called “Middle Class Fairness Act of 2011”, H.R. 2495, which seeks to double tax the already taxed foreign earned income of around 6 million working middle class Americans, who do not live in America, regardless of their circumstances abroad.  I have not yet received a response from the many other messages that I have written to you, and so I’m writing to you again with more updates on Americans abroad which are relevant to your political interests.

The following is an update on my inquiry for filing foreign pension plans:
US Expatriate Foreign Pension Plans

As before, I am writing to you using your city and your zip code in the contact section of your web page, since its address section still fails to acknowledge that not all Americans live in America and that Americans abroad may choose to be residents of your state while living abroad or when they return to the US.  One would thus think that it would be logical for you to communicate with your American working middle class voter that you seem to claim to represent.

Kind regards,

Your American working middle class friend abroad