A Letter of Thanks to Rand Paul

Dear Senator Rand Paul,

I just wanted to send you a quick letter of thanks for your position towards Americans abroad. I’m currently in a state of shock since many banks are refusing to refinance my mortgage simply because I’m a US person. I feel forgotten, rejected and abandoned by the US government and thus I am considering renouncing my US citizenship to refinance my mortgage at the best local interest rate that one cannot get as an American. Selling my home to return to the US as a result of FATCA is not an option to me, since I left the US to find work and have no guarantee that I can find employment again in the US, considering the high unemployment rate and the fact that the US does not provide Americans abroad with unemployment benefits when they return to the States. I am planning on writing in your name or that of your father in the next presidential election, but such may very well be my last vote as a US citizen. As such, I’m not writing to you to request anything, but rather to simply thank you for being there, and I seriously doubt that this letter will reach you since the state, zip code and country where are live can’t be entered into your contact page.




Received a very nice response, personalized and on topic.