No Americans Abroad, Mormons or Muslims at the Obama Store

At a first look, the Obama store is quite impressive.  It’s got goodies for all kinds of people, many of which were discriminated against in the past.  A google on “women” returns 1’980 hits.  “African” scores 1’950 hits.  Nurses, Latinos and environmentalists just barely trailed behind with 1’940 listings each.  “Jewish” returns 1’930 listings.  “Veterans” is listed 1’920 times.  While the word “Gay” only returned the home page, “LGBT” was found 1’840 times.  Quite impressive!  Pets are listed 1’820 times.  There is even an “LGBT for Obama Dog Bandana“!  Dogs are very important voters in presidential elections, with a relevance of 470 results.   “Asian“, being less profitable for the campaign than dogs, returned 198 listings linked 194 times to “Pacific Islanders”.  However, AAPI‘s do have their own collections page listing 4 items, unlike dogs.   For babies, 198 listings were returned, but nothing for Mormons, for whatever reason, even though they are not Muslims who also have nothing to buy.

But, that’s not why I went to the store.   I want to the store to see how valuable Americans abroad are for campaign contributions and I looked and looked, but could not find.  No abroad, no overseas, no expat, no nothing.  Not even “US person“, FATCA, FBAR, or offshoreForeign, however, popped up 1’760 times, but that’s only to say:

This contribution is not made from the funds of an individual registered as a federal lobbyist or a foreign agent, or an entity that is a federally registered lobbying firm or foreign agent.

So, what does this show?  It shows that Americans abroad, Mormons and Muslims are not shopping at the Obama store.  I certainly could shop at the Obama store and wouldn’t mind doing so, but what have Democrats offered Americans living abroad?  Nothing that I could find.  Yet, even if I could find something for Americans living abroad, the billing page only accepts the United States in the country dropdown.


Crossposted at the Isaac Brock Society